Well spring has well and truly sprung at the Doocot!   So much sign of early life its all very beautiful.   We have a couple of ducks taken up residence in the pond – Daffy and Dilly so named because of the multitude of gorgeous daffodils (of varying varieties) surrounding the garden.  Our resident heron has also made an appearance.  Pheasants aplenty strutting their stuff as well as the many golfers on Charleton Golf Course taking advantage of what has been a fantastic winter.

Hubby, Robert busy making plans for this year’s fishing.  Creels all getting spruced up and ready for the season – lets hope we are eating plenty fresh cod, mackerel and lobster.  Not much cod around last year but surprisingly plenty of lobsters, watch this space for this year ………………

Little blast from the past – Showaddywaddy are playing at the Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermline in a couple of weeks time – a very reluctant Robert has been pressganged into coming along.  Should be a fabulous trip down memory lane (for me anyhoo!).

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